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About Us

At Minar Tandoori, we pride ourselves on giving our customers authentic dishes bursting with flavour in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Founded in 1979, Minar Tandoori values tradition and heritage – something which is reflected in both our menu and our location. As Hampton Hill’s oldest family-run restaurant, we are pleased to play a part in the town’s rich and varied history.

195 High St Hampton Hill in 1905Our premises at 195 High Street has a long association with delicious delicacies as, during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, it was a confectionary shop, serving customers with tempting treats to brighten up their day. More than a century later, we are proud to still be tantalising tastebuds with fresh and vibrant flavours which would have amazed Hampton Hill residents of yesteryear. We are committed to protecting the history of our building and we hope to preserve it to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Our menu is carefully selected to offer our customers the very best traditional Indian and Bangladeshi dishes. All our food is carefully prepared using high quality ingredients and authentic recipes which have been handed down the family for generations. But while we value our heritage, we also move with the times and update our menu regularly to keep our selection as fresh as our flavours.

We believe eating out is an experience which should be enjoyed, savoured and remembered. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are passionate about great food and dedicated to making sure every customer who visits Minar Tandoori leaves feeling happy and eager to return.

More about our historic site

Our location on Hampton Hill’s High Street is steeped in history. Nearby Bushy Park was created in 1529 as Henry VIII’s deer park before evolving into a popular spot to relax and enjoy a picnic during Victorian times. Hampton Hill itself began its life as common land but after the Enclosure Act of 1811, the area gradually started to be developed. The High Street was the first street to emerge and soon became a bustling hub of trade and activity. Times may have changed but it still retains its sense of character and community to this day.

Back in 1839 the High Street was home to 26 businesses, including three boot and shoemakers, three grocers, two coal and corn merchants and two public houses  – The Duke of Clarence and The Duke of Wellington.

Picture (B) Hampton Hill High street

In 1903 trams started running along the High Street bringing passengers from Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith to Hampton Court. This brought more people to the town’s businesses and greater opportunities for those living in the area. Much of the High Street remains the same as it did all those years ago. The trams may no longer run but it is still a thriving centre with a large number of independent traders and businesses.

Our own building has always played a key role in maintaining the diversity of the High Street. It was well known as a confectioner’s and a tobacconist but in later years it was occupied by a pharmacy. When Minar Tandoori moved into the historic building in 1980, we were delighted to continue providing an important service to the residents of Hampton Hill just as our predecessors had done before us.